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Find what feels good

Those who are  familiar with Yoga with Adriene probably already know the slogan: “Find what feels good”. I have been practicing her yogaclass on and off since I became pregnant, enjoying her sense of humour and approach. While I liked the idea of getting to know what what feels good, I dont think I fully understood what she meant by that. But lately this particular phrase starts to sink in and I finally feel like I can grasp the meaning of it. It speaks all about selflove and being kind to yourself.

Living life for myself

I have been working with a coach for a few months now  and she is helping me to live life for myself (a.k.a. cultivate selflove). To make the decissions I feel good with, decissions that make me happy, while simultaneously putting up boundaries and learning about my limits, priorities and energy levels. This has been an interesting (and sometimes frustrating) process for me. I have found out I become depressed when I put others first. Which sounds logical now when I write it down, but wasn’t logical to my system before.

Today I did session #3 of the 30 day yoga challenge and while I was doing that, I realised I had set a goal for myself that doesn’t honour my “live life for myself”practice. You see, I just started a new job and somehow I wrote down a goal to make my boss happy with the work I was doing. I only  realised now, a month later, that its an insane goal to have, because let’s be honest, you can never truly satisfy someone completely. There is always something to improve or get better at (which I naturally strive for, so no need to push it!).

A little experiment

So, I have decided to change the goal into something better: ‘Making myself feel good’! I know I take about 3 months to get used to a new workplace, but what if I can smoothen that process by focusing on making myself feel good instead of making my boss happy? What do I need to feel comfortable with a new group of people, in a completely different setting that I am used to? I am going to do a little experiment and am quite excited about it! I know I always do my best and that I won’t slack off, but knowing I will focussing on feeling good in the workplace, makes me feel more excited about the job! I notice a complete shift in thinking and feeling and I wonder how it’s going to play out. I believe now, that when I focus on feeling good, I actually will perform better and enjoy it more! I can probably connect better with my collegues and clients. This is just a hypothesis, so let’s see what the results will be. I will let you know in a month or so!

It’s amazing how a change of perspective can change the flow of energy and increase selflove!


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