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Social distancing: perpetuating the madness of a broken system

Over the last few days I have posted a few articles on my timeline. People started to get either:

  •         Mad
  •         Worried

Or agreeing, but anyways I haven’t taken the time to explain my own opinion behind the articles. Mostly because I didn’t have time, also because I needed my thoughts and feelings to simmer a bit more. But here it goes:

The problem with social distancing

The problem with social distancing is that its trying to protect a system that was already rotten

And in this attempt, its hurting the very people that were already affected negatively by the rottenness of our system in the first place.

  •         Unemployment;
  •         Mental health issues;
  •         Loneliness

These are a few of the topics that are interconnected with the issue I have with social distancing. The lonely  become even more lonely, the poor, even poorer, mental health issues skyrocketing, most of them caused by being excluded from this individualistic society.

In the meantime we are clapping for our healthcare workers

While they were under pressure for a decade already, government budgets being cut year by year, forcing NHS to save on staff and other measures, taking away the quality of life from both patients and workers.

So what are we trying to protect here with all our social distancing? What are you doing it for?

The elderly?

Many are dying alone in homes now, unable to see their family, because of the rules

Who then?

While some byproducts of this pandemic seem great (improved air quality etc.).

The bottom line is that its exposing the fundamental rottenness of our system at the same time,.

And while everyone is busy living by the rules

  • People are walking scared in supermarkets
  • Coughing is being shamed (even if you choke on a piece of food or saliva)

Anxiety seems to rule the mind of the most and with all my experience in life, I can say for certain that anciety is never a great state to make choices in.

For me its clear that the pandemic has uprooted a fundamental issue we humans have


That’s why we so desperately try to keep loved ones alive, even though their time was already there… But we want to hold on to every inch of life. Even if it means someone is stuck in a hospital, living like a vegetable for x amount of months.

So no, i don’t agree with social distancing.

And many who are living in a world with privilige being given to them, seem to be blind for the effects of these measures on the non-priviliged.


Fear-based decision making

I think that operating with a fear based attitude is working against us.

I also think that politicians talking about the “new normal” are using language tricks to slowly lure us into a system that eventually will be worse than all the deaths leading up to those measures.

I am not a conspiracy theorist.

But I think our freedom is one of the greatest goods we have  and I prefer Dying after having truly lived, then being dead most of the time while living.

Does this mean I don’t care about the elderly? That I am not following any of the government instructions?

NO, I do follow some, using my common sense.

But what I urge everyone to do is start talking about the cause of this shit and the real problem that we are facing as a species.

  •         Racism is still very much alive these times;
  •         Inequality exists, especially after this crisis is over;
  •         Tech giants are taking over the online world, one little step at the time
  • We are facing huge climate change issues;
  • We have some fucked up leaders in place in the west;

Etc. etc. etc.

And don’t give me this bullshit that we already are so much better than before. Yes that might be true, but that is not an excuse for changing the very shit that isn’t working.

In the meantime goverments are printing money as water. Couldn’t you do that before? I know many people needed money. It’s hard to get a money-mindset while you are struggling for survival. But hey maybe we need to depopulate this world, you tell me!

The end does not justify the means

 Yes this pandemic is bad. Yes many people died

But in this case I don’t think the end justify the means.

And that’s why I say: fuck the 1,5 mtr society

Fuck THE New Normal.

I don’t want a new normal. I also don’t want the old.

I want politicians start dialoging about a NEW WORLD.

An Inclusive one.

How will it look like?

  •         Health over profit
  •         Equality over economy
  •         A world where we all realize we are but one species.

I don’t know how to get there, I can only guess it takes a lot of time.

But in the meantime, I am hugging my loved ones (with consent)

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