• the motherwound
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    Healing the motherwound: a generational approach

    The relationship with my mother has always been a very complicated one. As a child I adored her, as a teenager I hated her and throughout adolescence we struggled in finding our way back to eachother. A journey that didnt come without any struggles. The mother-wound It took me a while to figure out that the difficulties I had with my mother, were actually quite common. I recently came across a term that describes this phenomenom quite well and is known as: the mother wound. The motherwound is something that is caused because of the circumstances women have found themselves in throughout centuries. It is  a direct result of the oppression…

  • dark and light
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    The battle between light and dark

    How often did I reach the point of total darkness? Not a pitch black night really, but more like misty clouds on a rainy day. Beautiful but melancholic in nature. As if a black pit has taken up a permanent space in my heart and is slowly infecting the rest of my system. Everything seems futile in this state. Trying to control the blackness tires me,  I have taken up this battle a million times before and every time it wears me out. Every time I get on that surfboard again, I feel a bit more tired. A bit more weary. Everything seems futile except for her, for she is…

  • I am enough
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    The art of now

    I was just about to write about how I am getting there! How I am feeling like I am getting the hang of this single parenting thing. That I am growing more and more into the person I think I am. But just as I was going to write that down, I realised how its not about getting there, but more about being here. (yes a cliche, I know)  So, I am here now, the woman of my dreams.  It’s me and I am super happy to be her. There is no one to become, the very thought of becoming something else that I am now sounds a bit weird…