For some people it is easy to create a life full of passion and purpose. Others however, experience a lot of obstacles and often get stuck in a stagnated way of living. Numbness or depression might kick in, leaving you feel unfullfilled and alone. Maybe it is because the way you were raised, maybe you have never met people like you before, you have always compromised your beliefs/desires, because there was no-one supporting your visions. Or maybe life trew you so many difficulties and trauma that somehow  you forgot who you are in the process: you have become scared of change, because change feels like dying. Even the thought of change propells your body into fight of flight mode, disabling you to take any step at all.

You are not alone in this!

Some people don’t even know that they are scared, but something just feels off in their lives. It feels like you are living on autopilot. Rationally you tell yourself that you got everything you need, something that other people maybe don’t have and that you should be happy with it. You got nothing to complain about right?

But still, there is this nagging feeling that something is missing and you are unable to identify what exactly it is that keeps you  from feeling fulfilled. Deep down inside of you, you know there is more to life than what you are currently experiencing. You know you want more out of life and you feel tired of living the same routine every day, every week and every year. You desire to know other sides of you, to explore what more there is to life and how you can re-ignite your passions and maybe even find out what your dreams are in the process.

You are ready for change.  Let me help you.

For example:

  • You want to make a change in your life: a new job, move to another house or city, get out of a relationship, make a careerchange, travel the world etc. –  I can help you to slowly release the fears surrounding this desire for change, enabling you to make new choices and the so desired changes you have been craving. After releasing the fears, you will be able to make new decissions and follow them through.
  • You don’t know what you want, but you feel a deep desire to get to know yourself better. To discover new sides of yourself, because you feel like there is so much more inside of you, but you don’t know how to access those parts. – I can help you dive deeper into yourself, together discovering which parts of you have been buried and releasing the fears for those parts to slowly step forward into the light. This will create a whole new reservoir of energy in your life. It will make you feel empowered.
  • You are feeling depressed and anxious most of the time and you want to find out alternative ways to deal with those feelings. – I can help you understanding your  fears and depression better and provide you with tools and ways to step out of them. First we will understand them, because they have always something important to tell you. Then we will take actions to slowly form new pathways of being, by still respecting the old feelings and at the same time giving space for new emotions and experiences.  You will become an expert on your own depression and anxiety, which will give you the power over your life back.
  • You have already done a lot of work; overcoming fears and stepping into your power. But somehow you have the need to spar with a like minded person, challenging you to dive deeper and grow higher. A desire to talk with someone who cuts through all your crap and helps you get to the point quicker than you would get yourself, so you can move forward with your live. – I can help you by providing a mastermind session, which will help you get to the bottom of the situation quicker and in a structured way.

I use a blend of different methodologies/techniques such as:

– Transformational Coaching
– Confrontational coaching
– Different healing techniques
–  Numerology
– Astrology
– Positive psycholoogy (Acceptance and Commitment Therapy)
– Experiential learning
– Sports such as Rockclimbing to get  you out of your default mode.



Flexible Session € 88 – 60 minutes

The flexible session is for people who want to have flexibility in scheduling their sessions. You want to follow your own pace in this journey

I am not afraid of your fear, of your shadow, of your pain or anything that you dislike about yourself. I am willing to dive deep with you, to release anything that is holding you back and reclaiming your energy, your life force and the essence of who you really are. We will work together in this session to indicate what it is that holds you back and we will actively take steps to transform your fear into power, depression into passion and directionlessness into purpose. I will be a mirror and a catalyst for your change, but you will have to do the work.

Deep Dive